We are a friendly, family run business with years of professional experience in Occupational Psychology and an extensive understanding of the memory and how to maximize it. We have been involved in training others in the workplace and provide this expertise in the Education sector. We recognize the need to pass on information in a way that motivates and inspires others. Our workshops are therefore very practical, engaging, interactive and fun. Students come away with a complete toolbox of new memory techniques, inspired to revise and more confident that exam success is a real possibility.

We are passionate about:

  • inspiring students to learn;
  • supporting teachers;
  • providing memory techniques to help drive exam success through better recall;
  • giving people lifelong learning-to-learn techniques.

“Really informative, excellent memory techniques and backed up by a great teaching style”

Teacher | Itchen College, Southampton

“Interactive and fun seminar. I feel confident I will remember more stuff in exams now”

Student | Itchen College, Southampton


Our programme is based on psychological theories and research and has been developed by a qualified Psychologist who is an expert on memory techniques. But don’t be deceived – what’s on offer here is not stuffy or boring – it’s very practical, easy-to-learn, interactive, fun, challenging and highly memorable.

“I had never used mind maps before and I found they really improved my revision.”

Chloe | Itchen College, Southampton