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Schools do a fantastic job supporting students approaching exams with great teaching, sound advice on where to get help and solid curriculum content. Through research that we’ve undertaken in schools and in our workshops, students often tell us they know what to learn, but they need more help on HOW to learn it more effectively. Additionally, students tell us the most stressful aspect of exams and revision is their fear of not being able to recall critical information when in the exam hall.

Exam Max offers a programme of activities to support students, teachers and parents alike that aims to help them understand about the memory, provides some key building blocks for a good memory and some proven tools and techniques for more effective memory recall that can help improve exam success.

  • We offer a c.2 ½ hour Max your Memory workshop suitable for entire year groups of GCSE or A Level students
  • A Study Skills Booster for students on their journey towards important exams – KS 3 or 4
  • *New* this year is a Mini Munch Memory Seminar. A whistle-stop tour of essential  study and memory techniques over a lunchtime or after school.

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Seminars designed for teachers/lecturers that equip them with study and memory techniques to incorporate into their teaching sessions. These techniques help students remember key information and improve recall of it later. They are c. 2 ½ to 3 hours and are suitable for large or small groups of teachers or lecturers. They can be applied to any subject area and are not curriculum specific.

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Aimed at parents and students in preparation for exams with top tip revision guidance and insights on how to improve your memory to support students at home.

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A published book Max your Memory for Exam Success for all students, on which the seminars and workshops are based.

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