Do you feel clueless about revision techniques? Do you get lots of support on What to learn, but not How to learn it? And do you wish you had a better memory when it comes to exams? You are not the only one. In fact, many students feel this way too – they just don’t like to admit it.

That’s why Exam Max has devised a range of fun, creative, study and memory workshops to help students, teachers and parents alike to explore more effective learning methods. Based on psychological research and theories they are packed with tools and memory techniques to help improve vital recall in exams but they aren’t stuffy or boring. We think you’ll be surprised by how much fun learning can be!

Max your Memory Workshop

Specifically designed for students approaching important exams – particularly GCSE’s, A and AS levels is our key, popular Max Your Memory workshop. The cornerstone of the Exam Max offering that explores:-

  • An understanding of how the memory really works and what type of memory we need for exams
  • Take part in fun memory games that show an improvement in their personal recall
  • Explore key building blocks for a good memory and new memory techniques
  • and find out what memory techniques work best for you as an individual

Through the seminar students come away feeling:

  • They have a complete toolbox of more effective revision techniques to draw from
  • Feel encouraged, inspired and motivated to learn and revise
  • Feel confident that exam success is a real possibility

Mini Munch Memory Seminar

The Mini Munch Memory seminars are punchy, whistle-stop, drop in sessions for students approaching key examinations lasting c. 45 – 1 hour minutes over lunchtime or after school. Students will get the opportunity to receive a whistle-stop tour of:

  • some essential study skills,
  • gain an understanding of the key building blocks for a good memory
  • see an overview of one or two memory techniques that help revision

Students come away with a better understanding of more effective learning methods; see that there are alternative to ‘boring’ rote rehearsal systems that they may have used before; inspired and equipped to find out more about Memory techniques that help improve exam recall.

The Max your Memory for Exam Success workbook, is offered alongside this short seminar for students to explore the techniques in more detail.

Bring your lunch or after school snacks!

Study Skills Booster for Students

Sometimes we all need a bit of help focusing our mind on how best to learn things.  Aside from most students finding exam revision boring, monotonous and uninspiring, 9 out of 10 students tell us they find it very difficult to prepare and knuckle down to study.

The Study Skills Booster is a snappy and fun, but practical workshop for students in KS3 or 4 as they start on the journey towards key examinations. It is designed to help equip young people with learning-to-learn skills covering essentials such as:-

  • In-lesson learning
  • Organisation skills
  • Being an independent learning
  • Some top tips from the successful Max your Memory workshop about memory techniques
  • Looking after yourself to cope well with exam pressure

The workshop will help your students to feel more in control of their learning, better prepared and organised as well as confident that they can achieve.

We aim to equip students with solid building blocks for revision and memory tools to help them succeed well in their exams, as well as provide them with strategies for lifelong learning. Students tell us they come away from seminars feeling better equipped, more confident about coping in exams and helped through memory training that works for them.

If you want to know more, email us at or contact us to book a seminar.

“An engaging session that can provide students with really useful revision strategies and improve memory recall for exams”

Teacher | Social Sciences, Southampton

“Memory techniques would really help – you always kick yourself after, remembering all the stuff you should have put in!”

Student | Buckinghamshire