Based on psychological research and theories it’s packed with essential tools and memory techniques for exams but it’s not stuffy or boring. We think you’ll be surprised by how much fun learning can be! Through this c. 2 hour seminar you will:

  • Gain an understanding of how the memory really works
  • See an improvement in your personal memory recall
  • Find out what memory techniques work best for you as an individual
  • Have a complete toolbox of better revision tools to draw from
  • Feel encouraged, inspired and motivated to learn and revise
  • Have fun, be creative, use your imagination and take part with others as you learn
  • Feel confident that exam success is a real possibility

We aim to equip students with solid building blocks for revision and memory tools to help them succeed well in their exams, as well as provide them with strategies for lifelong learning. Students tell us they come away from this seminar feeling better equipped, more confident about coping in exams and helped through memory training that works for them.

Alongside all our workshops, we offer the Max your Memory for Exam Success workbook as a take home tool to support more exploration and learning. It can be purchased at seminars or via Amazon and other good book retailers.

If you want to know more, email us at or contact us to book a ‘Max your Memory’ Seminar.

“An engaging session that can provide students with really useful revision strategies and improve memory recall for exams”

S Garner | Teacher, Social Sciences, Southampton

“I feel more confident I’ll be able to remember more stuff in exams”

Student | Itchen College, Southampton