*NEW* Mini Munch Memory Seminar

These are punchy, drop in sessions for students approaching key GCSE’s, AS or A level exams lasting c. 45 minutes to 1 hour over lunchtime or after school. Students will get a whistle-stop tour

  • of some essential study skills,
  • giving them an understanding of key building blocks for a good memory
  • and an overview of one or two memory techniques that inspire revision

Students come away with a better understanding of more effective learning methods; they see there are alternatives to ‘boring’ rote rehearsal systems that they may have used before and they feel inspired and equipped with more effective Memory Techniques and learning methods that can help improve exam recall.

The Max your Memory for Exam Success workbook, is offered alongside this short seminar for students to explore the techniques in more detail at home.

Bring lunch or after school snacks!

We aim to equip students with revision and memory tools to help them succeed well in their exams, as well as provide them with strategies for lifelong learning.

If you would like to know more, email us at sophie.admin@exammax.co.uk or contact us to book a ‘Mini Munch Memory’ Seminar.


“It really helped me procrastinate less and get on with revision!”

Student | Northamptonshire