When we were at school it is unlikely anyone really taught us how to revise for our exams. Like most people, we probably sat down and tried to learn it parrot fashion.

However, research shows that our exam performance can improve when we utilize our memory better. Exam Max Ltd have devised a memory training programme that can help children in your school or college be better prepared for exams through the Max your Memory seminar. But, involving parents during the all important exam preparation and sitting is likely to alleviate their anxieties and keep them supportive of their children – and your school.  So, we can provide a Parents Event alongside the student’s programme.

This 1 ½ hour, Parent’s Event can be run alongside the Student ‘Max your Memory’ seminar. It gives an overview of the memory skills and techniques shared with the students previously and it also provides some top tips and practical studying tools. Parents will no longer feel in the dark about their children’s studying techniques and the students are likely to feel more supported and confident. You never know, the parents may thank you for helping them improve their memory techniques too!

If you want to know more, contact us to book a ‘Max your Memory’ Seminar and Parents Event, or email us at

“Eye opening and informative – help for all the family!”

“I really enjoyed the interactive bits. Thank you. A very beneficial seminar”

Parent, EW School | Bucks