As a teacher you want your students to do their very best at exams to fulfill their potential. You are always looking for ways to help students on the path to life success and to teach in a way that makes learning easier. You are constantly trying to inspire and motivate your students, no matter what level they are at, and we know you are passionate about your job no matter how hard it feels at times.

Our interactive and practical ‘Learning-to-Learn’ programme has been developed by a qualified Psychologist who is an expert on memory techniques. It has been run extensively with adult learners in the UK. It is a fun, motivating and engaging session that will help provide staff with a creative boost for teaching their subjects. The Seminar reflects some of the material we provide in our student ‘Max your Memory’ module. There are:

  • Exercises to see how the memory really works
  • Core building blocks for a better memory
  • Memory skills to help equip students with strong, life-long study skills
  • Tips and techniques that contribute to better exam recall

It can be run at any time of the year as a half day INSET session (2 ½ -3 hrs), or broken into chunks for a number of ‘afterschool quick tips’ sessions to suit your needs

By passing these memory guides on to your students you are likely to be rewarded by seeing an increase in their confidence and motivation to learn – from those who struggle to the brightest of the bunch. They are likely to go away feeling equipped and that exam success is a real possibility. What’s more, once they have found what memory techniques work for them, they will be able to apply these skills to all future learning.

If you want to know more email us at sophie.admin@exammax.co.uk, or contact us to book a ‘Learning to Learn’ Seminar.


An interactive session sharing how the memory works, with fun, practical exercises to try along the way. It explains what some of the essential foundations of a good memory are and shares key tools and techniques to help unlock information.

“An enlightening, participative course that built my confidence when working with students and colleagues alike”

Kathy | Adult Learner