Sometimes we all need a bit of help focusing our mind on how best to learn things.  Aside from most students finding exam revision monotonous and uninspiring, 9 out of 10 students tell us they find it very difficult to prepare and knuckle down to study.

The Study Skills Booster is a snappy and fun, but practical workshop for students in KS3 or 4 as they start on the journey towards key examinations. It is designed to help equip young people with learning-to-learn skills covering essentials such as:-

  • In-lesson learning – recognising critical information, skills on note taking, condensing and reviewing and Mind maps
  • Key memory techniques – what type of memory do we need? and some top tips from the successful Max your Memory seminar
  • Organisation skills – the essential when, where and how to…! Including study calendars and plans, revision preparation, course-work organisation
  • Independent learning – when and where to get help, critical self-appraisal skills
  • Looking after yourself – health, emotional and well-being tips to avoid stress and anxiety as well as coping with exam pressure

The workshop will help your students to feel empowered; more in control of their learning, better prepared and organised as well as confident that they can achieve.

This is a great workshop to give students a head start in preparing well for exams and the important life-skill of independent learning.  It introduces a good foundation for studying that work really well alongside the Max your Memory workshop.

If you would like to know more, contact us to book a Study Skills Booster workshop or a Max your Memory seminar, or email us at

“It really helped me procrastinate less!”